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Saturday, 21 November 2015

We "expose" Najib's Mystery RM2.6b Donor yet again.

Actually, those who believe those accusations that RM42 billion has been stolen from 1MDB of which RM2.6 billion was put into Najib's account has had this "answer" for almost two months now  - including who the exact donor is, who he is and where he is from.

Which is why I find it strange that this news was never highlighted by any of the Pakatan leaders nor even the independent media portals at all even though this news is now coming up to two months old and is the talk of the town for many months.

It is as if Tun Mahathir, Pakatan and the independent media portals do not want people to know. How strange is that?

Just like the Oct 2014 news of the PKR Sabah Deputy Chairperson and ADUN who was found guilty of collaborating with her own staff to cheat 819 poor land-owners and ordered by the High court to pay RM557 million in damages - making it the highest court awarded damages ever in history in Malaysia.  Strangely, most Malaysians are still not aware of this record-shattering case - mainly because the "independent media" such as MalaysiaKini nor Malaysian Insider nor the Pakatan political leaders dared not mention this.

Anyway, enough ranting about selective reporting and propaganda that makes fools out of their supporters allowing them to be used and abused to even believe 40k Bangladeshi stories, let's get back to the subject.

On 6th Oct 2015, the Sarawak Report blog carried a post that revealed the name of this mysterious donor.

Sarawak Report can exclusively reveal the alleged identity of ‘His Highness’ the ‘royal donor’, which was given to AmBank as the source of several payments, including the US$681 million received into Najib’s account just before the last election. 
The name given was ‘His Highness Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud’. 
We have ascertained that this identity was first provided to explain an original payment of US$100 million, which was passed into Najib’s AmPrivate Banking account in Kuala Lumpur back in February 2011. 
The bank had required details of the sender from the agent who was managing the transfer on behalf of the Prime Minister and a letter was purportedly then sent from the office of this individual to the bank. 
Our sources tell us that this letter, which has been retained by the bank, was sparse on details but alleged to be from the ‘Private Office of Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud’, without giving an address or telephone number. 
The letter was signed by ‘Saud Abdulaziz al-Saud’.
Sarawak Report based their "exposure" on the 4 letters that BNM and MACC has seized from the banks - confidential banking documents which again somehow landed in Sarawak Report's hands.

It is worth noting that MACC had issued a statement to also say this mysterious donor has already been interviewed too.

It appears during that time, Sarawak Report had believed that the government was going to reveal the name of the donor soon and had wanted to pre-empt the release by first discrediting that the donor do not have that sort of money to give to Najib and UMNO.

It is strange that independent media and certain politicians would have no hesitation in quoting whatever accusations from Sarawak Report but when it came to this particular post, all went quiet.

Of course I have no way of confirming whether that is indeed the name of the donor in the BNM and MACC bank documents - but by right, if you believe all of Sarawak Report's allegations then you should also believe this one.

The person even has an English FaceBook page called "HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Majed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of Medina" created way back in the year 2010 - which was not very popular in non-English speaking Saudi Arabia but you can you can look at more of his photos. 

And if you can understand Arabic, please do tell me what those Arabic comments in his FB page says.

You can also get confirmation about this confirmation from the news article here.

So, the mysterious donor turns out to be royalty of great importance (no one would be appointed Governor of a province in Saudi Arabia is not important) and the Governor the 3rd largest province and the province having Islam's second most holiest city, Medina.

And the founder and owner of PetroSaudi, the person who allegedly "stole billions" (even though 1MDB actually made a profit from this joint-venture" is Prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud - the 7th son of the then King of Saudi Arabia.- a favoured son of the then King and was the Deputy Governor and eventually, the Governor of the Riyadh province - the second largest province in terms of both area and population. Its capital is the city of Riyadh, which is also the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Which means two princes and two governors of major provinces of wealthy Saudi Arabia "had conspired" with Najib to pretend-donate money to him and UMNO as well as cheat 1MDB - if Tun Mahathir, Sarawak Report and all the anti-Najib politicians and media will want you to believe.

There is more. 

In that same blog post, Sarawak Report had wrote:
We have learnt that at least four payments were received into the Prime Minister’s account accompanied by the same sender identification between 2011 and 2013, including the two totalling US$681 million, (the famous RM2.6b).  
The second transfer was for a sum of US$200 million, meaning that a total of a billion dollars was transferred by this alleged Saudi royal philanthropist supposedly in favour of UMNO into Najib’s account. 
This information was corroborated by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) in July, when officials stated they had seen four letters from the same donor to the bank. 
It indicates that this alleged donor had been passing huge sums of money to Najib far in advance of the General Election, the original reason given, for wider purposes that remain unclear.
So, we now know that there was more than the famous USD700 million or RM2.6b and the donations started since the year 2011 and the amount was possibly more than USD1 billion.

BTW, the reason why USD700m is mentioned all the time and not USD1b is because from a propaganda angle, they had wanted you to associate this with the USD700m deposited into the famous Good Star account which they claim was owned by Jho Low - even though PetroSaudi has confirmed many times that this account was owned by them.

(Sarawak Report and the rest never did explain why if Najib wanted to steal RM2.6b for his own use, he would bring it back from overseas just a month before Malaysia and putting it into his own account - hence putting the money at risk if they had lost the General Elections),

Thus psychologically, Tun Mahathir and gang had wanted you to think that "Najib stole USD700m from 1MDB and put it into his accounts." - even though if this was true, then Malaysia's and the world's financial system would have gone into shock since two international auditors could not detect billions missing from 1MDB over many years.

As for the argument why it is in the personal account of Najib, it is actually allowed under their party constitution for the party president to hold party funds and assets under his own personal name.

For example, in a 2011 court case, it was revealed in court by the actual company directors that 56% of the shares of MRCB, New Straits Times and TV3 - worth billions even then - was held in trust in for the personal name of Tun Mahathir - and Anwar Ibrahim knew about it too.
Ahmad Nazri, a former director of Realmild, told an earlier hearing that he owned an 80 percent stake in Realmild, with 70 percent of it held in trust. 
“I was holding (the stake) in trust for Dr Mahathir. The trust was prepared by legal firm Amin & Co. A copy of the trust was given to Dr Mahathir, another to Anwar and I kept a copy.”
Not surprisingly, Mahathir never bothered to explain to us why he was personally named in a court testimony as the majority controlling shareholder of a multi-billion ringgit conglomerate via proxy (in his own name and not in the name of UMNO) - possibly flouting all dozens of Security Commissions and MACC laws.

Anyway, to help Mahathir a bit here, I reproduce UMNO's party constitution section here. What does Claude 27.2 say?

And as you can see, the transfers from Saudi prince to Najib's personal accounts started in the year 2011 - which could possibly be related to the Arab Spring movements where the gulf nations spent hundreds of billions to try to stop spreading - read Arab Money and the Malaysian Spring?

The famous Wharton School of Business from University of Pennsylvania also estimates that Saudi Arabia and fellow Gulf Countries spent at least USD150 billion to counter the Arab Spring movement - not just among themselves but on friendly nations too.

The Gulf countries spent more than USD150 Billion (analysts believe it is more) on themselves and friendly Muslim nations during the Arab Spring period to stop it from spreading and threatening their own positions and country. We had so-called Malaysian spring, no?

These specific gulf countries including Saudi Arabia spent so much because of their own self-preservation (not because they are overly generous than normal) as they were monarchies without democracy and would have been vulnerable to the Arab Spring.

And as for Sarawak Report's lame argument that the Governor of Madinah is not that rich to give, do you think that if a Govt or King Abdullah wanted to transfer money overseas for confidential national security or geo-politics purposes, they will sign their own names?

Of course not, they will get a trusted individual to do this instead - hence the prince.

This would probably explain why Najib would not want to reveal the names for all sorts of country to country confidentially and national security issues. It is likely that Najib had promised Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah not to publicly reveal the names and what it is for - which may also include counter-terrorism and other geo-political purposes too since it was a volatile period from the year 2011 onwards and still is.

Certain UMNO politicians who had been briefed on this had even suggested that other than supporting the ruling govt coalition, the money was even for fighting ISIS and terrorism too.

When it comes to matters such as these, it becomes shady and full transparency becomes a liability - lest there could be revenge attacks on Malaysia.

For example, the recent beheading of hostage Bernard Then had revealed that Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman was personally involved in collecting and sending the ransom money to the terrorists in the Philippines to secure the release of our Malaysians.

But these were never made public - talk about transparency.

It was also alleged that Malaysians had also been secretly funding certain factions fighting in Mindanao before - and again, these were never made public.
Sabah police deny Malaysian hostage was ransomed
“As far as I know, no ransom was paid. They are just rumours,” he said when contacted by Malay Mail Online. 
According to a report in The Straits Times’ news portal, a ransom of some 30 million pesos (RM7.8 million) was paid for the release of Thien.
Of course Police and Government will never publicly reveal ransom demands or there are clandestine funding. There are things that cannot be said publicly as it would encourage more kidnappings or bring on revenge attacks against us if they knew we were funding one faction against another faction.

And only a fool would think that the Malaysia government does nothing covertly or does not engage in clandestine international geo-politics - especially in the war on international terrorism.

And if you disagree with me, then please explain to me why two princes who happens to be Governors of the most important provinces in wealthy Saudi Arabia would disregard their reputation and take the trouble to pakat with Najib to assist Najib to "songlap" billions?

Maybe if you cannot answer, you can ask The Council of Elders to help answer.


Did you know that Hillary Clinton received more than USD70 millions from Arab royal family and governments recently - even though she is not the president nor even head of her party and her party constitution never said she can hold funds for her party?

In fact, her foundation has raised USD2 billion since it started in 2001 with much of the donations happening after she became Secretary of State.

and that includes these donations direct from Royal families:

You can read more about these here:

Donations raise ethical questions as Hillary Clinton ramps up expected 2016 bid

Four oil-rich Arab nations, all with histories of philanthropy to United Nations and Middle Eastern causes, have donated vastly more money to the Clinton Foundation than they have to most other large private charities involved in the kinds of global work championed by the Clinton family.

Apparently, Hillary also broke no laws in receiving such donations from Arab royalty and countries.


  1. Talk is cheap. Hard evidence please. SR produce hard evidence. Dr M and gang doesnt hide anything. You know where the source are from who hold it and or what. In case of Najib defending issue via news analysis (selective as well esp by the writer) and ranting. Since no other evidence except rantngs from LSS, I tends to belief SR report. IMHO...majority of Malaysian have the same thinking like I am....

    1. If you believe SR then you will have to believe that the donor is a prince and governor of Madinah province. Or you only believe what you want to believe from SR.

      Then you have to tell me why two princes who happens to be Governors of the most important provinces in wealthy Saudi Arabia would disregard their reputation and take the trouble to pakat with Najib to assist Najib to "songlap" billions?

      Anyway, talking about hard proof - people still do not believe even though fresh sperm samples and DNA from Anwar was found in the anus of Saiful but you still believe he was innocent.

      End of the day, you all only want to believe what you want to believe - including RM30billion forex gambling loss by Tun M is not his fault or 40k Bangladeshi phantom voters that never existed or Blackouts on GE13 which everyone claims there are but no one can actually say where.

    2. Eh, not majority. I'm not with you.

      I hate the most where I'm being led and moves around like stupid, by people or organization which goals is to destabilise Malaysia.

      Gonna get my revenge on DAP and SR soon.

    3. Mr. Lim, you are so stupid to even think that any one no matter how rich would donate $2.6 billion to Najib.. Saudi Arabia govt donated just $100 million to U.N to fight against ISIS. So would they donate $2.6 billion to Najib just so UMNO can win the election. Mr. Lim, I suggest you go and have your head examine if you believe this fairy tale story of donation.

    4. Well said Sian See, those morons will believe whatever they want to believe.

    5. Tungsten, did you have difficulty reading the article? Did you not read the part about where the Gulf countries spent more than USD150 Billion (analysts believe it is more) during the Arab Spring period to stop it from spreading and threatening themselves? We had so-called Malaysian spring, no?

      These specific gulf countries including Saudi Arabia spent so much because of self-preservation as they were monarchies without democracy and would have been vulnerable to the Arab Spring.

  2. Lim sian see..diorang takleh terima jugak..diaorang akan terima kalau " saya bersalah . hukum saya..saya mkn duit rakyat"-najib tun razak.. Time tu baru diorang meloncat kegembiraan..rubbish la diorang ni..

  3. do u think all these are as easy as identifiying the donor, pointing to party constitution and all can go bed now and all ate bathe in holy water and all arr allright again?

    first let we refresh the selective LSS minds. he never touch the subject of it was a foreign publication that sparked all these discreet party donation things? hillary is no saint and we all know that but in the States there they open and publish everything so yes candidates war chests are known and fundraiser dinners meets are all no discreet like the one received by the President of UMNO

    UMNO people should be thankful to WSJ for letting the cat out and now they know the party had some billions to spend for err....election? i bet they also dont know that billions are meant for.

    but if they are for party donations then i thought the monies should be for all constitutents and all the wakil rakyats of UMNO and possibly Barisan Nasional? so who got how much? now we know shahir got some (by his own admission and the amount was 1million) and others got some millions and hundreds of thousands. so please UMNO enlighten us how much Maran UMNO got or Padang Besar UMNO got or how much Skudai UMNO got?

    i picked the three just as random as i can but thr answer not gonna be 1million like shahir got or whether they got any bite at all on that billions 'party donation'? so myth number 1 : donations are for party, is busted.

    number 2. LSS was trying to say it was allright for president to do that because LSS allegedly said mahathir did that too. yes it was clear in the known and party rules allowed that. and LSS please let us know whether the president circles knew about any money going into any trustee accounts during mahathir days? the answer form LSS is no he didnt because to him all he wanted to do now is to paint mahathir black to show it doesnt matter if najib is painted black too. LSS the answer is yes everyone knew about everything under mahathir days. so thats why when things gone to court and through the piece u cut and paste clearly it said that everyone knew about it

    so yes party rules say yes it can. but under najib it was EXPOSED rather than the donations are made to known to all.

    myth 2 : najib is okay for doing that, is busted. actually he got caught by WSJ.

    1. This is the part where you will have to put on your thinking cap and I had written about this before.

      How did very selective pages (which doesn't name that it was a donation or the dnor) of a confidential government investigation land in the hands of WSJ on July - just one week after the UMNO party elections were postponed until after GE14? Why only a few pages, why not the full investigation paper or as much as they have - they started months back, right?

      And where did Khairuddin and Matthias Chang got those documents which they keep making police reports on and handling over to foreign governments? Are these confidential govt documents or faked documents?

      Which is why there is a police investigation and why all those MACC and BNM people were questioned on activities to subvert democracy.

  4. Replies
    1. I am not sure what you meant but same to you too though.

  5. If this is true it is confirmed that Malaysia is now a sub-province of Madinah. Is our PM now providing regular briefings to the Royal Family of Saud or our Agong / Council of Rulers or both? I don't like to use that word starting with "T" and rhyming with "prison".

    1. Did you not read the part about where the Gulf countries spent more than USD150 Billion (analysts believe it is more) during the Arab Spring period to stop it from spreading and threatening themselves? We had so-called Malaysian spring, no?

      These specific gulf countries including Saudi Arabia spent so much because of self-preservation as they were monarchies without democracy and would have been vulnerable to the Arab Spring.

      They were handing out all that money because of self-preservation and their own self-interest to stop the Arab Spring and possibly Malaysian Spring. Not that they love Najib.

  6. Good article, but i doubt those Pakatan ppl or TDM Pentaksub would like to read n understand n never continiue this as an issue..and those who understand will never admit their mistake

  7. Come again... What's that RM 2.6b for.
    Just one answer please...
    And shouldn't Najib report how the money to be or had been spent?
    And to whom? Umno? The Saudis?

  8. Zul:

    yes, you can go on believing what you want to believe - just as Malaysians are led to believe they can speak better English than the Singaporeans?

  9. Zul:

    You must be a Pakatoon supporter? You can go on believing what you want to believe - just like all Bersih supporters.

    And add to your belief, Malaysian have been hailed to have a better command of English than the Singaporeans? God save the non-English speakers!

    The kids call it shock sendiri, Zul?

  10. Has this guy gone bonkers? If I believed his article, then, I would also have to believe him if he said his grandmother was a virgin.

    1. Eh? Wasn't it Sarawak Report who revealed the name of the donor and not me?

      So, why are you insulting me then? Should go insult Clare Brown instead.

    2. This Indian was born in the Year of Insult

  11. Donating to the Clinton Foundation is done openly and transparently to the foundation, that is why everybody knows and can talk about it. Donating to the PM's personal bank account with no public declaration is a different matter. Have we wondered why the donor was not asked to pay into UMNO's bank account instead?

    1. You are correct. But we do not have such laws here - mainly because DAP rejects it. Najib had wanted this done in 2012.

      And since there are no such laws now (but will be pushed now), there is nothing illegal about it.

  12. People who doubted the donations should wiki or understand first how the govt of ksa works. They are known kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a reason. It belongs to Saud family. Total monarchy more or less like Brunei. Govt money is the family's money. So its ther prerogative of what ever they want to do with it.

  13. I have read reliable reports that Saudi Arabia has spent more than U.S$100 billion spreading Wahhabism to poorer muslim nations. I would not be surprised they donated RM2.6 billion to Malaysia to stop the country falling to more democratic forces such as pakatan rakyat during the arab spring as malaysia like saudi arabia is majority sunni muslims. Najib can put the money into his personal a/c so long as umno constitution allows him to do that.

  14. Can anyone covertly insert links to LSS in MT, SR, MK, Yahoo? Just so blinded supporters can see both sides with evidence supporting their arguments and make their own unbiased judgment.
    Definately if go through the normal channels, hell would have to freeze over, thaw itself, goes back on fire, then freezes itself once again, before those PR friendly sites will allow LSS links in.