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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DO NOT PROTECT CRIMINALS: We can end the 1MDB speculation NOW!

In Tun Mahathir's post today, he has stated that "Lots of people know about the loss of billions of Ringgit by 1MDB" and have "come to tell him. And they ask him to “do something” for a long time ".

Looks like Mahathir has much evidence and many witnesses that can potentially solve this 1MDB speculation very quickly.


We call on Tun m to name these people who have seen evidence of this loss.

It is much easier and less costly than to go thru a full AG audit, forensic accounting, RCI, BNM, PDRM probes.

If these people have evidence, please identify yourself and show your proof.

If I am not wrong, in some cases the mere act of withholding information or knowledge of a crime and not reporting it is also a crime itself.

Please do not abet criminals if you have evidence

Tun M, please do the right thing and name these people now! You have the knowledge of these individuals who have absolute proof.

Don't hide this knowledge. Name these witnesses now.

If Sirul can be promised a pardon by you, any potential witnesses can be protected by the NEW govt if they come forward and give clear evidence.

We do have a whistle-blowers act too but you can offer additional assurance by asking the new govt to protect them.

What else is there to be afraid of? These people will be national heroes for exposing 1MDB songlap and solving the mystery immediately.

Berani kerana benar.

Do not protect potential criminals and save all of us the time, expense and intense speculation over this 1MDB issue.

Malaysia would like to put this issue behind us so that we can go back to nation-building.

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