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Monday, 22 June 2015

Jilake! Sampai UGUT lu pun tak takut? Berani betul.

"Tentang nasihat saya dah nasihat... Tentang ugut pun saya dah ugut.... Tapi dia kata dia tak akan berhenti.

"Sebab dia tak akan berhenti, saya ingat, pasal dia takut. Kalau dia berhenti 'maybe' kena 'criminal charge'." kata Mahathir.

Menurut Mahathir, jika Najib meletak jawatannya sekarang, perdana menteri itu akan ditangkap dan disoal siasat mengenai kehilangan duit dana pelaburan negara 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Oh wow... Ugut... threaten our PM?

I thought people say PM Najib is not brave enough?

Being threatened by our "Negarawan" also Najib is not scared?

That sounds like extreme bravery to me if Najib stood up to Tun M and believes he has done no wrong.

To stand up to our PM for 22 years, Tun Mahathir takes a lot of guts. A heck of a lot - especially if Tun M has evidence that can land the PM in jail, or does he?

Who the heck likes to be threatened? By Tun M no less...

Ugut with what? What proof? Show the proof, Tun M.

For a PM to resign, whatever Tun M is threatening Najib with must be very damaging and compelling, so what is this threat based on?

Make Najib go to jail, if you have proof. Show it.

What you ugut Najib with? Ordinary Malaysians have a right to know.

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