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Friday, 12 June 2015

The "Banggang" (sic) MP unclear of the concept

Tony Pua is a real spinner and is soon catching up to the Tokong of Siam (avoid) in his ability to "Siam" and spin

Look at his post below:

Tony said : "Arul Kanda answered "absolutely incorrect and untrue", audit on Edra Global already started."

Eh... That is NOT what Arul Kanda answered. Stop spinning and trying to make yourself look good.

What Arul actually said was what Tony Pua said that 1MDB has not started the audit is "is absolutely incorrect and untrue.".

"T1MDB met Deloitte as early as Feb 2015 to discuss commencement of an audit after the financial year end of 31 Mar 2015. In fact, the audit of a major 1MDB subsidiary, Edra Global Energy Berhad, has already commenced and is well under way."

Edra Energy is PART of 1MDB. In fact, the largest 100%-owned subsidiary with many worldwide subsidiaries of its own.

Starting on audit on Edra Energy IS starting the audit of 1MDB.

Then Tony said "I asked about auditing the controversial 1MDB with loans it could not pay, assets of indeterminate value and alleged embezzlement. The clever 1MDB President tells you, don't worry, the audit for the unproblematic subsidiary already started."

Woi bangang Tony, 1MDB is the holding company and their books closed on 31st Mar 2013. Yesterday was June 11 - less than 2 1/2 months since the close of book.

Normally, you audit the major subsidiary companies (such as Edra) first - where most of the transactions and operations are - before auditing the holding company . And then you go on to the holding company.

Which means, the Audit HAS started at the 100%-owned subsidiary level.

The legal deadline for submission of audited accounts is Sept 30th 2015 - hence 3 1/2 months more.

And it is not true that it is not being audited at all. The Auditor-General already doing a thorough audit and close to completion. Plus BNM and PDRM are all also investigating.

As what 1MDB said yesterday, "1MDB is currently undergoing a thorough review and investigation of its accounts by the National Audit Department. Management time is fully focused on this, given the significant public interest to complete the review as soon as possible."

So Tony, what's your problem?

Audit has started at the biggest 100% owned subsidiary level, AG is already almost completing their Audit which started in February, the deadline for audited report not passed yet and is still 3 1/2 months and the management is being probed each day and made to answer numerous questions and submit all sorts of documents.

It is not as if the management of 1MDB is sitting down doing nothing and posting nonsense FB posts and statements like you are.

Tony sir, you are a true bangang!

(Yes, spelling is "Bangang" and not "Banggang" or "Bang Gang", you bangang!)

BTW: Why aren't you meeting Najib in court and want to strike out the fitnah case over 1MDB? Don't you want to take the chance to "Grill" Najib on 1MDB and answer all your numerous allegations?

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