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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Section 124 and MACC

Malaysians are increasingly becoming law experts.

Earlier this year, we become experts on Section 377a and Section 377b. (look it up if you don't know this - hint Anwar Ibrahim).

Now, we are being progressively educated on Section 124b - activities detrimental to Parliamentary democracy.

Whereas Section 124I states:

Any person who, by word of mouth or in writing or in any newspaper, periodical, book, circular, or other printed publication or by any other means including electronic means spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years.

My question however is this:

Why the selective leak of information and the timing?

Let me explain.

On June 26th 2015, it was announced that the UMNO party elections were postponed to after GE14 )

For a short time, it appeared that Najib had the fight against Tun M as there was nothing that Tun M or UMNO members can do to remove him. Supporters of Najib rejoiced.

However, just one week later on July 3rd 2015, the Wall Street Journal, a foreign newspaper thousands of miles away. somehow got their hands on sensitive information from the investigation papers started months ago in Malaysia and published it.

Yup, even though the authorities had started the investigations months ago and the information has been there for some time, it only leaked and got into the hands of WSJ just mere days after the UMNO party elections were postponed.

Do you find the timing suspicious?

And even more suspicious, only the parts showing the account transfers into Najib's account was leaked. The part where the investigation showed that UMNO party constitution allowed the president to hold of money in trust, the 4 letters submitted to the banks for the funds transfer and that the funds were spent on CSR, party and campaign purposes were somehow not leaked. -

Somehow the leak was just a small part of the investigation paper, a few sheets, and not the full paper or story.

Very selective isn't it?

Thus only a small part of the story (telling part of a story is as good as lying) was leaked just 1 week after party elections were postponed.

Leaked to USA's Wall Street Journal too (not even Sarawak Report), who said:

"We are very careful and we believe the investigation and the documents we have are very, you know, solid and come from a very reliable investigation and not a political investigation."  
"and are based on “solid” and “reliable” documents known to top government officials investigating the state investor’s finances. "


Yup. WSJ knows these documents are from top government officials and they probably know who they are too.

This WSJ had pretty much confirmed that it is an inside job from unnamed "top government officials".

At this point, I would like to whack WSJ for being used like a tool and a lack of journalistic integrity.

Shouldn't WSJ also ask the unnamed "top government officials" whether they have already talked to the donor of the amount and to also leak the four bank letters submitted during the transfer where it is confirmed as a donation?

WSJ should function more like their name, a proper journal, and not act like shady "Bongkar" sites like Sarawak Report or The BenchMark1. whose main purpose is just to leak documents to the Public.

Of course, the consequences of such a timely and selective leak is extremely damaging to the Prime Minister and our country's economy and reputation.

And the purpose seems really clear: PM Najib must fall and we don't care how it affects all Malaysia.

"Damn Malaysia, it's Najib we want!"

And don't claim this selective and suspiciously-timed leak has not hurt Malaysia. It has.
Read, Why investors are snubbing Malaysian 'bargains'

"Our economists are constructive on Malaysia's medium-term prospects," Khoon Goh, senior foreign-exchange strategist at ANZ, said in a note Wednesday. "Unfortunately, the fundamentals are being overshadowed by domestic political developments that have soured sentiment towards Malaysian assets." 
Amid calls for his resignation, embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak shuffled his cabinet in July, sacking his deputy after he called on Najib to explain the controversy surrounding a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report that nearly $700 million from heavily indebted quasi-sovereign wealth fund One Malaysia Development Bhd. (1MDB) was deposited into the prime minister's personal bank accounts.
Wall Street Journal and the Americans are probably not as supportive of Malaysia's economic growth than us Malaysians are. They won't hesitate to publish things that has adverse effects on our economy.

A cheaper Ringgit and depressed Malaysian asset prices is definitely more attractive to any interested parties.

Definitely treasonous actions and a very serious offence with devastating consequences.

Malaysia probably have spent more in FOREX reserves to defend our currency and ordinary Malaysians have suffered losses much greater than any amount of money allegedly lost in 1MDB (even though no loss has been proven yet).

Yup. Collectively, Malaysians have lost more than RM42 billion - possibly a few times that too - just because some very desperate people is out to get one man out of the way.

Don't even think that Najib will even consider to step down right now. He has been forced into this position as stepping down right now will mean he is forever perceived as guilty of stealing money and his and his father's legacy is forever tainted - especially since he did not even use the USD700m for his personal use and it was spent on UMNO and BN. - which is really unfair.

Therefore, he is now forced into a position where he needs to clear his name first in order to protect his and the Tun Razak family's prized legacy.

For me, I would really like PDRM to find out who are these person(s) who leaked this. I will ask for their motives and ask them who else were involved and if they were paid or bribed to do so.

This I believe that the current PDRM investigations into MACC is more focused on finding the source of the leaks to WSJ and not the so-called charge sheet on PM.

If you recall, Sarawak Report who leaked the now-discredited fake charge sheet on Najib said that the sheets came from the AG's office (when ex-AG Gani was removed) and not from MACC.

Thus, the current stories of MACC being raided due to the leak of the charge sheet or to disrupt their investigations currently being propagated by the online portals and opposition members would be incorrect or serve to build a perception to protect MACC.

The MACC is like any other government agencies. They and their officers can be investigated by LHDN or PDRM - just like how LHDN or PDRM officers can be investigated by MACC.

MACC people have been caught and convicted of wrong-doing before.

Nothing strange or unprecedented about them being investigated before.

In fact, it is not as if MACC officers have never been convicted of wrong-doing before. They have - multiple times.

And how would you know who are the responsible parties if PDRM do not question a bunch of people?

Anyway, back to my main questions:

  • So, who leaked selected documents to WSJ? 
  • Who did you pakat with?
  • Were you paid or threatened (or both) to leak this?
  • and what were your motives?

I hope PDRM can help Malaysians find these out as the damage they have brought upon Malaysia is too great.


Is govt officials sending incomplete parts of govt secret investigation papers to foreign agencies now considered acceptable or is it still a crime?

What about if next time, it is our TPPA negotiation strategies or details about Malaysia's collaboration and discussions with foreign leaders? What about military strength and deployment plans?

Considered okay? No problem, je? No need or not allowed to investigate at all?

A point I also wanted to note in typical political power struggles is how much people believed the target is guilty and all the evidence against the targets during that point in time seems overwhelming and indisputable.

Many were absolutely 200% convinced at that point of time.

However, as a FB friend of mine asked:

What happened to the allegations made against Pak Lah? Nothing. What happened to the allegations made against Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim? Nothing. Then you brought them down for what?

Yup. After they were brought down, nothing happened and all those incredibly overwhelming and indisputable evidence of wrong-doing suddenly faded away.

All were forgotten almost as quickly as they started - same like the mythical 40k Bangladeshi voters and Blackout505 stories that we were all 200% convinced were true at that particular moment in time.

Life went back to normal again - until of course, the next big political power grab starts again.

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