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Monday, 31 August 2015

What if Tun M is correct that the RM2.6b is from 1MDB?

What if Tun Mahathir is correct that Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB and put it into his personal accounts?

A few days ago, Tun Mahathir said this:

"Najib said that it (RM2.6 billion) was a donation. Are we stupid (to swallow this lie).   
I am certain that the money in his personal banking accounts is from 1MDB. I am certain that it’s not a donation from an Arab.”

So if Tun Mahathir is correct, what then would the implications be? What is exactly at stake for all of us?

1. Najib Razak will cease to be Prime Minister of Malaysia and may go to jail.

This is provided that he loses the criminal case for any corruption charges brought on by the MACC, of course.

And of course he will also step down as the President of UMNO.

Najib: "Gee! I hope they won't put me in the same cell as Anwar"

As your read on you will find that if Tun M is correct, Najib will be the least of your concerns,

2. The person currently in charge of our police, our Home Minister and Deputy PM is a liar or incompetent. 

Yes, Our Home Minister, our current Deputy Prime Minister and possible future Prime Minister, 
Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will be proven either a liar or incompetent as he is naive to simply believe unnamed Arab representatives.

I am in charge of internal security. If I am a liar then you'd better watch out!

This is because Zahid had said that he had personally met representatives of the Middle Eastern "family" who donated US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) to Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He said they told him the donation was to ensure Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno won the 13th general election.

"I met with the donor's chief investment officer and I also met with the trustee of the funds," 

"He told me, 'Your Excellency's ‎country is not the only country we are channelling our donations. There are many other Muslim-friendly countries we have donated to'."

Zahid said they were helping BN because of the government's commitment to counter terrorism and maintain Malaysia's status as a Sunni country.-

Yes, if Tun M is correct then the Vice-President of UMNO is also a liar or incompetent.

3. Our Federal Territories Minister and our second Finance Minister are either incompetent, liars or complicit of abetting a crime.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said he and the party treasurer and second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni  knew about the RM2.6 billion in Datuk Seri Najb Razak's personal accounts, 

Yes, I knew about the money. I explained so many times and you refuse to listen?

Tengku Adnan said the matter had been "repeatedly explained". "We have repeatedly explained this issue. As the secretary-general, I am aware of it and so is the party treasurer," 

Yes, if Tun M is correct then the Secretary General and the Treasurer of UMNO are both either liars, incompetent or abetting PM Najib of stealing billions from 1MDB.

4. Malaysia's MACC are liars, incompetent and cannot be trusted.

The donors who deposited RM2.6 billion into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank accounts are from the Middle East, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) confirmed, although it said their identities cannot be disclosed.

In a statement, the commission said it had found out about the donors’ details through bank documents.

“MACC has obtained explanation from the donors who originated from the Middle East and they have verified the donation.

MACC speaks. Can they be trusted? 

The RM2.6 billion donation has no connection at all to 1MDB,” MACC said.

According to MACC, it had found four letters that were given to the bank when the RM2.6 billion amount was deposited into Najib’s account, with the bank documents stating that the contribution was a “donation”.

Yes, if Tun M is correct then our MACC are liars, incompetent and cannot be trusted and future investigations of any graft charges including the SRC probe are highly in doubt.

5. Malaysia's Auditor-General office are liars, incompetent and cannot be trusted - at least in the interim.

The Auditor-General's interim audit of 1MDB didn’t find any suspicious activity, providing a reprieve for Prime Minister Najib Razak as he fends off claims that money connected to the firm may have ended up in his own bank accounts.

To be fair, the Auditor General did say that this is an interim report that is 50% done but there is nothing suspicious at this moment,

Yes, if Tun M is correct then our AG are liars or incompetent thus far as they have yet to find billions missing from 1MDB even though they have completed the interim audit report.

6. Malaysia's entire financial system and possibly the world's financial system may collapse

I am not joking.

This is because our entire financial system is based on dependable and reliable Audited accounts to function. Banks lend money based on audited accounts, our stock market and investors depend on audited accounts to value the shares and decide if they want to put in their money or not.

Even our tax department depends on audited accounts to determine whether you are paying the right amount of taxes.

1MDB's auditors are the biggest and most trusted global names and include three out of the so-called Big 4 auditors - Ernst and Young, KPMG and Deloitte.

Ernst and Young did 1MDB's 2009 audit and cleared them without qualifications. However, at that time 1MDB did not have much money and not much transactions so we can absolve Ernst and Young of being culpable.

KPMG did 1MDB's 2010, 2011 and 2012 audits and cleared them without qualifications. This period of time had the most controversial transactions including the PetroSaudi joint venture.

Deloitte did 1MDB's 2013 and 2014 audits and cleared them without qualifications. This period was also significant as it was when 1MDB bought all those power plants and did all those joint-raising of funds and joint-ventures with Abu Dhabi govt owned IPIC and Aabar.

And even when called to give evidence during the PAC probe into 1MDB, both KPMG and Deloitte said they reconfirmed that they stand by the accuracy of their audit.

If both KPMG and Deloitte cannot be trusted then we are kind of screwed.
  • Deloitte & Co has insisted that its March 2014 audit on 1MDB is legitimate,“Deloitte told us that they have seen the bank statements pertaining to the RM13.4bil of assets in BSI Bank. They can verify the value of the assets in question as they did a test on whether the assets were at fair value at that point in time for FY14,” PAC chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan said at a press conference after the inquiry.

If both KPMG and Deloitte are so incompetent and cannot detect billions missing from 1MDB and cleared the accounts from 2010 right up to 2014 then there is no more hope for the Malaysian financial system. Banks may stop doing business and our stock market will collapse.

And since KPMG and Deloitte are two out of the Big 4 global names and does audits all over the world, Global finance markets will also be in crisis.

This would be even bigger than the Enron Crisis where former Big 5 audit firm Arthur Andersen had to close shop. In Enron's case, it was about inflating revenues via off-balance sheet transactions and not about failing to detect billions of dollars missing.

Therefore, if Tun M is correct then we would be  financial and economic disaster locally and possibly on a global scale.


I don't know about you but I sure hope that Tun Mahathir is wrong  that Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB and put it into his personal accounts

I hope he is wrong about this the same way previously that he was wrong about Pak Lah and son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin when he accused Pak Lah and Khairy of being absolutely corrupt, But strangely, after Pak Lah stepped down there did not seem to be any wrong-doings confirmed and all the allegations of corruption mysteriously vanished. 

Heck, instead of going to jail Khairy even continued on to get elected into Parliament (twice) and became a Federal Cabinet Minister too.

But if Tun M is right then our future Prime Minister and the guy responsible for our police force, our MACC, our Auditor General and our Second Finance Minister are all either liars or incompetent.

And our local financial system and economy and possibly the global system too would be in crisis since two out of the Big 4 Audit firms cannot be trusted or are incompetent in detecting billions are missing from the accounts.

Yup. Entire Malaysian government cannot be trusted and we would be in financial and economic disaster too if Tun M is correct.

Let's hope not.

As for the RM2.6 billion, did it really come from the Arab donors and why?

I had explained why this is still in the realm of possibility and the Arabs did it probably because they wanted to save their own skin then.

EPILOGUE: Read further only if you have time and can accept criticisms against our elder "statesman"

Tun M has been quite culpable of "extreme bending of the truth" recently. The following are some examples.

He bent the truth that Malaysia is top ten most corrupt in the world even though we are ranked 50th   least corrupt our of 174 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index 2014 (we have been improving every year since 2009).

 He bent the truth saying that the TRX land is worth RM7000psf and Bandar Malaysia's land is worth RM1000psf and that 1MDB got it almost free. He repeated this again today.

He bent the truth saying that he "did not manage to raise a single dollar from the Arabs" when he built IIUM even though in IIUM's own website, it was stated the donations came from the Middle East. 

He bent the truth again saying that he only spent RM10million in campaign funds for Barisan Nasional for each General Elections. Since I assume you can do maths, I won't even bother, 

But it begs the question that if only RM10m is spent for each General Elections, then why was UMNO having so many proxies holding their money and why UMNO had to own so many companies? And why did he need to hand over RM1.2 billion to Pak Lah when he retired as President? 

At RM10m each per General Election, RM1.2 billion would be enough to fund the next 120 General Elections over the next 600 years.

Again, Tun M massively bent the truth to say the government forced the MACC director to take long leave when the truth is that the director had to undergo urgent surgery near his spine and needed two months recuperating time.

Tun M also bent the truth when he said all the Power Plants that 1MDB bought was going to expire and they could have bought it as "scrap metal". Turns out that only three out of the 14 plants were going to expire in the next 5 years (the earliest was 3 years later) and one was already renewed..

List of 1MDB power plants from a recent The Edge article

Tun M also bent the truth when he said 1MDB grossly overpaid for all the power plants. Turns out that in 1MDB latest tender to sell of their power business, they had received several bids above RM20b for their power plant business (1MDB paid RM18b to buy all these plants).
Click to Zoom and read The Edge recent article about who bid how much for 1MDB's power business.

Tun M also bent the truth to say the government has never answered his question on where the RM42 billion debt was spent on when it was answered numerous times by the Prime Minister, by 1MDB itself and by our Second Finance Minister in this very detailed 1 hour TV special. It is just that Tun M refused to listen or acknowledge the replies and went on to repeat the same old allegations over and over again..

An entire hour of explaining "Di Mana wang RM42b" and the majority of Malaysians are too lazy to watch but prefer to still believe RM42b is missing!

Tun M also bended the truth when he said Street Rallies are acceptable to overthrow the Prime Minister since for decades he said this is unacceptable and that only Donkeys and fools join the BERSIH rallies. Listen for yourself what he said just 3 years ago.

And if you want to know how he dealt with such street rallies in the past, have a look at his video - along with hundreds of police carrying machine guns and automatic rifles along with Armoured Personal Carriers on the streets of KL too.

In recent months, Tun M also gave interviews to the New York Times, to BBC and to The Australian where he used the foreign press to slam and bad-mouth Malaysia - this is despite decades of telling us that the foreign press cannot be trusted and have hidden agenda. 

For decades, he had criticized Anwar Ibrahim and opposition leaders using the foreign press to badmouth Malaysia but yet Tun M does exactly the same - int the USA, in England and in Australia too.

But my all-time favorite Tun M excuse is this one recently:

He had to sack the Lord President and suspend the entire Supreme Court  (our highest courts then) in 1988 because the late Agong complained that the then Lord President complaisance that the Agong's palace renovation was too noisy. He only gave this excuse after the Agong had passed away and could not defend himself.

FMT calls it "Twisted" 

I am sure that his excuse was "valid".

And not because the Lord president and all 6 judges of the Supreme Court were removed by Tun M to prevent an impending court case challenge against his UMNO presidency which would very likely remove him as Prime Minister then. 

The worst constitutional crisis ever in Malaysia which led to the reputation of Malaysia's legal system being in doubt even until today.

My personal view is that Tun M has become desperate and will resort to anything. That's what desperados do. 
He did not expect PM Najib to fight back decisively by removing the people loyal to Tun M within the system all in one go. This has closed off much of his options and made him desperate. 
And the reason why he is desperate is because he is Kiasu 
He has never lost before and always got his way. Now he is scared to lose and become Kiasu.  
Kiasu forced him to become desperate. 
Desperate people no longer calls about being called an extreme hypocrite and do not mind being a serial liar. 
He needs to know that this country is not by him, for him and to him. 
Yes, I have disrespected Tun M. But he made me disrespect him by continually lying and being a hypocrite with his recent actions.   
I used to respect you so much. But that was in the past - sentiments similarly expressed by so many others recently due to your recent actions including participating in BERSIH rallies two days straight and giving our national day celebrations a miss the very next day.
Is it in the constitution or in Pendidikan Moral that I must respect lying hypocrites?


  1. Exactly my sentiment, great article!

  2. Bravo! Lest anyone forget, Malaysia has been a basket case amongst the international investment community no thanks to the deranged old man's draconian capital controls, a despicable act of absolute cowardice. It was none other than DSN who turned this around with economic reforms. Look who is trying to undo all this. Enough is enough.

  3. Congratulations for the article.

  4. I can't take this old desperado for real anymore. He is now just the biggest joke Malaysia ever had a PM!

  5. Article is good for use in school debate. Argumens are too simplistic and are based on one premise: What if Tun M is correct, then the followings are true. If not, all are false.
    In a real world, the cause of the happening of one event depends on several factors. It's complex.
    In conclusion, the writer listed out all the lies that Tun M committed, hence concluded that the premise that Tun M is correct is false. Therefore concluded that all the accusations against 1MDB are wrong. And concluded that rm2.6b donation is true as explained by UMNO leaders.
    I propose LSS challenge for a public debate with either Rafizi or Tony Pua on TV live on this article What if Tun M is correct.
    I don't belong to any political party. I hv friends in MCA, Gerakan, and DAP. I am a retired school teacher. One of my SMJK Chung Kwa KB former collegue is a Gerakan member. I found him in LSS's FB too.

  6. ..hehehe... good simple argument that should augur well to all those simple sensible people..

  7. Yea we love LGE to be our PM

  8. People are used by politician to achieve their hidden agenda. Social medias are the latest and fastest weapon to create reaction into the mind's of the people like a hypnotical spell to execute the politician's agenda.So don't become a mule for the politicians.Remember that not all things said by politicians are false either.

  9. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). Superb!
    SIR, you are a sage, a simpileton. SIR, You have presented the unrebuttable facts succinctly - very clever and professional (by Questions with undisputable facts to help answer the Questions) simple, logical, easy to comprehend.
    Alas! 'You can bring the donkey to the water; BUT you cannot make it drink it (the water).'
    YES! It is not because 'they' do not understand/believe; it is because 'they' DO NOT want to understand/believe'.
    Every M'sian has the right to 'Agree to Disagree'. Speak out to proof your point with cogent indisputable evidence (proof).
    Excercise your right, if you will. Have a nice day.

  10. Madey had gave himself away... ha..ha..ha..
    Now the whole world know what he is. It's not
    about 1mdb n the 2.6's about putting DS Najib into his place..How dare he..
    Nobody ever talk back to Madey, yet. Never.. nobody dared n nobody dares....Najib? You wait Najib, I will teach you a lesson... ha..ha..ha.. lesson backfired. Never liked him
    since the 80..s...sometimes I felt I had been to hard on him.. sometimes I felt I wsd wrong
    ...but now it's confirmed that Madey is indeed
    a serial egoistic selfish lying kuku besi. The tittle Tun should actually be retrieved for his
    extremely bad conduct and defaming the Prime Minister's good n foul mouthing our Nation world wide.

  11. 1. Are you referring to the old or new MACC team?
    2. Zahid, Husni, Tg Adnan, n you forgot to mention Mat Maslan n the rest, I believe them until they open their mouth
    3. AG report, when is it going to be ready? Why not show to public then?

    Article only good for inspiring unsubstantiated arguments, sadly

  12. Mr Lim - I am an outsider. The question I asked myself for Malaysia is this, through the years who is not corrupt ? in certain degree. To me it's a non issue - so lets look a the bigger picture, Is Najib inept as the opposition claim ? - How easily the people seemed to have forgotten the recent 2 biggest incidents happening in a row that could have "break" Malaysia. Yes, I am alluding the the disappearance of MH 370 where Malaysia got blasted left and right, from all angles, any lesser countries would have crumpled. Then came the shooting down of another MAS plane in Ukraine and No one expect a PM to secretly settled a few things on the ground there the very first few days, this takes away the "sting" that outside forces was waiting to break Malaysia again. My take is this, the earlier 2 incidents did not bring Malaysia down was because of Najib "steel" handling so now whoever that is seeking to destroy Malaysia have to go for the thorn in their hand. If not for Najib's govt. Malaysia would have crashed, Reflect on that.

  13. you need to set up a nothing to hide public debate with tun. would that be okay with you. the public would love to find the truth and with your findings maybe you can do malaysia a big favor.

  14. The concept is called "Mutawassir" i.e. so many people cannot conspire to lie at the same time. If TDM is correct then a lot of supposedly upright people are lying.

  15. ....Excellent analysis....another GREAT article from u, LSS. Common sense & Logic is all we Malaysians need now, especially from the Chinese....

  16. I agree with you that the old man is no angel at all. The truth is the present gang are not better if not worse . The present gang is the most corrupted , desperate to stay in power , and will drag Malaysia in to the rubbish bin.
    Your agruements are fine . The question is we should not be totally influenced by you totally as well.
    For your your fine arguements , you have not admitted that the country is sick .. very sick.
    Past is past , so I challenge you to use your fine brain to suggest a solution by coming up with another good piece .
    Otherwise you also am no better than a Tom Cat .. sitting on the fence , meowing away, intellectualism has it s value , but not when rats are moving all around , bringing more and more diseases to the nation you also call your own?
    My question is did you sleep on the street to do something for our nation ? if not forget about history lessons , we all know that the old man does tell lies as well , let us have your thesis
    of what to do for the future.
    It is the least you can do , to show what your integrity is , and who is the person behind the typewriter .

  17. Dont be deceived by LLS . All his articles have a particular slant . I think he is representing a group as their intellecutal apologist .by giving us a dose of facts aimed to confuse our simple minds , then to where he really wants us to think . I challenge him to publish this comment on him.

    1. Did you really read back what you wrote?

      "giving us a dose of facts aimed to confuse our simple minds"??

      Johnny, It's LSS and not LLS.. If your mind is so simple and so easily confused, perhaps you should not accuse me of "confusing you with the facts".

      Simple accusing me of spinning without clearly stating where I spin is the "modus operandi" of cybertroopers who will try to discredit the person when they are unable to dispute the facts.

      I welcome you to prove me wrong by clearing stating where and how I spin and where I am wrong. I promise that I will publish your reply.

    2. ....i support u all the way LSS.....this johnny whoever he is ??? is exactly what i said....use your Common Sense given to u, johnny & try to Logic what LSS has written, if not u're just another "one of them" blinded by your own "simple mind"....period

  18. What you are saying, Mr LSS, might be true that the ol man lied, but the current gang lied a lot too.

    The piece about what the auditors said about 1Mdb audited accounts were purely what Jazlan commented, and Jazlan cannot be trusted as he turned out to be just another yes man.

    Stop trying to fool the average Joe on the should write in BM and publish your article in Utusan, where such licking articles belong.

    And.your title was so misleading, just trying to get readers attention, you are not worth 1 sen, let alone 2.6b.

    1. Why the need to insult? Just dispute the facts above point by point or at least PART of the facts.

      The only one you tried to dispute, you also got wrong coz the one who said there were no major issues during 1MDB audit was the Auditor-General himself. Jaslan merely repeated what he said.

      Anyway, think lah. If billions were found missing in the AG report, you think Tony Pua would keep his mouth shut?