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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Malaysia BERSIH, Maria Chin, SOSMA and the Ukraine Experience

This is a long blog post but a deadly serious subject like this certainly requires it.

In the middle of this year, exposes and leaks by both WikiLeaks and DC Leaks have shocked the US presidential elections. This got Hilary Clinton into a lot of trouble with the FBI. Many of these leaks also concerned George Soros' Opens Society Foundation /

2,576 files predominately related to George Soros' Open Society Foundation. The leak included the Foundation's internal work plans, strategies, priorities and other worldwide activities by Soros.

There are many references to Malaysia and a mysterious "Malaysia Program" are in these documents.

This particular document caught my eye as this review of George Soros activities towards "free and fair" elections in Malaysia alleges funding, training and assistance by George Soros to BERSIH, Merdeka Center, the BAR council and MalaysiaKini - all of whom have since publicly confirmed their links with OSF.

The document also says George Soros has a personal interest in Malaysia while it suggest that they want opposition to win but do no want to be too blatant to show that.

(click to enlarge)

It says that the OSF started working on the General Elections in 2010 in anticipation that the elections would be announced in 2011, two years after Prime Minister Najib replaced Ahmad Badawi.

Not only did OSF themselves say they have funded BERSIH activities since 2010 but they said "While the majority of support was through grant making, the Malaysia Program took on more than the traditional grantmaker’s role, and actually became the driver of the work."

Yes, Soros' foundation is the DRIVER of the "free and fair elections" movement.

Consistent with the expose of George Soros actively lobbying the USA politicians to remove Najib, it seems that these people have been working on trying to "change" Malaysia for quite some time with a deliberate plan and funding.

In their own review document, OSF themselves admitted that OSF’s support for the grantees was INSTRUMENTAL for the galvanizing of public participation and supporting civil society efforts and that OSF support was particularly impactful for youth participation with hundreds of thousands of youth mobilized.

So, OSF themselves confirmed what we had all long-suspected - That George Soros is behind BERSIH rallies.

George Soros is known to be involved in pretty much any revolution or coup around the world as well as heavily influencing politics. But these leaks provide direct evidence and show how deep and serious his involvement is.

How do we know this? Well, OSF themselves admitted this themselves in this leaked document.

So, I went back to look at the exposed internal Soros OSF documents exposed by DC Leaks and WikiLeaks.

I found many interesting revelations in these documents. Among these are:

1) OSF had admitted to be involved in many of the "coloured revolutions" around the world which OSF themselves admitted had turned violent and resulted in many deaths - including the most recent one just 2 years ago in 2014 in Ukraine.

2) In an internal memo written by the three advisors of OSF - Morton Halperin, Jerry Fowler, Jonas Rolett, OSF says that free and fair elections alone are not sufficient for a "real democracy".

3) OSF documents recommend more extensive use of media public relations (which means propaganda), lobbying western govts to apply pressure to the target country and other measures.
A separate Wikileaks expose also detailed how Soros had actively lobbied the USA Government to end support to Najib. In March 2016, Soros had met and pressured the highest powers in the USA to end support for Najib Razak as Malaysia PM. 
In a March 6 email with the subject "John Pang Memo", Vachon told Podesta: "And I think George will want to talk about this, among other things". 
Pang's memo titled "The TPP and Malaysia's Corruption Crisis" urges the Obama administration to disassociate from Najib.
It is thus not a coincident that in just 4 months time in July 2016, that the USA Department of Justice (DOJ) then moved against several people linked to Najib in a civil case with an unprecedented scathing press conference.

The John Pang mentioned in that Wikileaks expose is a Malaysian - in fact, he is the only Malaysian that sits on OSF's 23-persons Global Directors Board together with George Soros and his two sons.

John Pang is also the person who gave false information to local blogger Raja Petra Kamarrudin (RPK) 10 years ago to make that false Statutory Declaration against Najib and Rosmah to link both of them to Mongolian Altantuya's murder.  Later on, RPK realized that he was fooled and given false information by John and had to run away to the United Kingdom. In fact, he wrote about this John Pang link more than 5 years ago  - before the link between John Pang and Soros was revealed a few months ago in the Wikileaks expose.

It was also alleged that the USA Democratic govt bends over for Soros and has to make him happy (Read: Make Soros Happy! ).

Recently, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban lashed out against the leadership of the Democratic Party, accusing them of being the pawns of a "shadow empire" operated by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros.

4) The OSF documents also admits that Malaysia is a key target of OSF and acts as a "framework state" for OSF. They is say that Soros' has a personal interest in Malaysia.

5) OSF is the driver of the Malaysia Program and has gone beyond funding and has initiated and intensified other measures such as use of international media, lobbying of US govt and an international Public Relations firm. OSF claims to be instrumental in "bringing hundreds of thousands of Malaysians out to rally"

Western PR and media companies working with local portals and politicians are very good at helping formulate propaganda.

An example was during GE13 in 2013 when many Malaysians were absolutely convinced of 40,000 Bangladeshis voting and Blackouts.

This was later proven to be untrue by BERSIH and DAP themselves months later after the Blackout505 rallies fizzled out, who published a report that there is no such thing happening and there is no proof.

Despite this, many Malaysians still believe this propaganda but cannot answer why the opposition did not manage to capture a single phantom Bangladeshi voters out of 40,000 nor can they answer when pressed to say where an actual blackout location was.

6) OSF documents also show that they admit funding and controlling the International Renaissance Front (IRF) based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which is acknowledged as the key mover to Ukraine's bloody 2014 revolution.

The 2014 revolution led to hundreds of deaths and missing people in the rallies and led to civil war and breakup of Ukraine - which has killed another 8,000 people and still continuing. This Ukraine was also led to the shooting down of our MH17.

In that same document, it stated that in Malaysia, the Chair of the OSF advisory committee is the founder of MalaysiaKini (which OSF indirectly owns and control 29% shares).

The project name for Ukraine is called "The New Ukraine" whereas the project name for Malaysia is the "Malaysia Program".

The 2014 Ukraine example of what Soros did is an eye-opener as it is so recent. I will share more on this later.

When "real democracy" came to Ukranie. Collapse of the Economy.

Just like Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Syria and the rest which experienced revolution (and suffered hundreds of  thousands of deaths and collapse of their country) with the help of Soros and the USA and given the present of real democracy, Ukraine also received the same.

The 2014 revolution with street rallies resulting in fights with govt forces and those opposed to the rallies (like the red shirts) led to and estimated 760 dead & missing.

Casualty figures for 2014 Ukraine rallies and revolution.
(One thing that PDRM did well in the last BERSIH5/Red Shirt rallies was to pre-emptively arrest all the leaders and made great efforts to segregate both rival parties to avoid the spark of conflict flaring up - which was what happened in Ukraine where rival groups and police fought)

This was followed by the break-up of Ukraine with the secession of Crimera and a civil war that is still on-going. So far, over 8,000 people have been killed. Our Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane being shot-down over Ukraine was a result of this fighting.

Casualty figures to date for Ukraine 2014 civil war 
Because of this present of "real democracy", the Ukraine economy also collapses.

Ukraine inflation rate spikes up to 65% post 2014

Ukraine's economy has been battered and is worth less than half before the 2014 revolution - and less than what it was more than 10 years ago.

GDP growth turned negative with up to a 15% contraction.
Ukraine's currency is now worth less than 25% of what it was before 2014 "Real Democracy"
Inflation goes up to 65%, their currency is worth less than a quarter of what it was worth, the economy has dropped more than half in size and is actually smaller than it was ten years ago - undoing a decade of economic growth.

Certainly with this collapse due to the present of "real democracy", Ukraine will need saving. But who will save them?

The "Savior of Ukraine" and rebuilding their economy

Soros helps cause the collapse of Ukraine, Soros helps "rescue" Ukraine. 

Soros says he is investing USD1 billion in Ukraine.

Soros also establishes a Ukraine Redevelopment Fund under Soros Fund Management.

About Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, LP
Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, LP (URF) is a private investment vehicle that focuses on special situations and private equity investments in Ukraine and companies with significant operations in Ukraine. URF endeavors to make targeted investments that have the potential to promote economic and social development in Ukraine. The principal investment adviser to URF is Soros Fund Management LLC, a private investment advisor to a number of private investment funds that are managed exclusively for Soros family clients.
Soros is also invited by the the new post-revolution Ukraine Head of the Presidential Administration, Boris Lozhkin to be part of the govt's Investment Council of Ukraine.
The Person whom Soros help put in power is also the person who now invites him to sit on the board of the powerful Govt Investment Council to determine investment priorities and development policies

It is tempting to see all of Soros’ actions through the lens of investing. Buying Ukrainian IT, agriculture and energy assets at dirt cheap prices in heavily devalued currency will pay off if the country emerges from this conflict and joins the EU, something the current Prime Minister of Ukraine clearly wants.

What a great business model. Invest tens or hundreds of millions in money and technical assistance to cause regime change, make back tens of billions in profits from the collapsed aftermath. And this just happened in the year 2014.

At the same time,  US politicians also don't miss out.
Robert Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970) is the second son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden with hardly any business experience who was sacked from the US Navy for cocaine abuse in Feb 2014 is appointed two months later in April 2014 to the board of director of Burisma Holdings, the largest non-governmental gas producer in Ukraine, 
Some accuse the United States of maneuvering the Ukraine situation so that Western oil companies have unfettered access to shale gas (from "fracking") and to drill all across the Ukraine.

THE NDI, NED and CIA connection

After World War II, faced with threats to the USA allies and without any mechanism to channel political assistance, U.S. policy makers resorted to covert means, secretly sending advisers, equipment, and funds to support newspapers and parties under siege in Europe.

When it was revealed in the late 1960’s that some American Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) were receiving covert funding from the CIA to wage the battle of ideas at international forums, the Johnson Administration concluded that such funding should cease, recommending establishment of “a public-private mechanism” to fund overseas activities openly.

On Capitol Hill, Congressman Dante Fascell (D, FL) introduced a bill in April, 1967 to create an Institute of International Affairs, an initiative that would authorize overt funding for programs to promote "democratic values" - thus The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was founded.

That is why the NED is known as the overt (or open) arm of the CIA.

The NED is structured to act as a grant-making foundation, distributing funds to private non-governmental organizations for the purpose of promoting democracy abroad.

The Endowment serves as the umbrella organization in which half of NED's funding is allocated annually to four main U.S. organizations: the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Both Ambiga and Maria Chin had admitted that other than receiving funds from George Soros' OSI, BERSIH had also received funding from the NDI.

In an interview in Aug 2011, Ambiga told the 29% Soros-owned MalaysiaKini this:
"Mengenai dakwaan dana asing, Ambiga berkata kedua-dua organisasi asing itu - National Democratic Institute (NDI) dan Open Society Institute (OSI) - memberikan bantuan kewangan kepada BERSIH 2.0 tetapi khusus untuk projek masa depan yang berkaitan dengan persempadanan semula dan bukannya untuk perhimpunan tersebut." 
Maria Chin has also admitted the same line several times.

Since NDI is wholly funded by the NED, receiving funds from the NDI is the same as receiving funds directly from the NED, the overt arm of the CIA.

This is also why NED, NDI and George Soros are also banned in Russia.

This also conclusively proves that BERSIH has links with the CIA, as claimed by Annuar Musa.

In the meantime, I urge our local authorities to study the documents in the DC Leaks and Wikileaks carefully.

Or perhaps they already did, which is why they put Maria Chin under SOSMA.

Maria Chin's SOSMA detention

The police had said that her SOSMA detention is not about her organizing the BERSIH rally. This is why all the other detainees on both yellow and red sides were released except her.
The Inspector-General of Police confirms that her SOSMA detention was due to documents found during the police raid on BERSIH offices the day before the rally. They were deemed a security threat. And no, SOSMA is not for terrorists only but whatever threats - internal or external - that can harm the country on a large-scale.

The Police and the AG are not stupid and understand the huge perception impact of putting a middle-age bespectacled widow mother under detention if they had no real reason or cause for it - so the evidence and basis must be there.

On a side-note, Maria Chin's late husband Yunus Lebai Ali was a PLO commando.

In Beirut. Yunus received six months training and later he was selected to a PLO Commando Unit. The unit was an elite force specialized in fighting against the Zionists and the fascist Phalangist terrorists. A couple of years later, Yunus became one of Yasser Arafat’s bodyguards. Then in the early 1980’s, because of the civil war in Lebanon, he fled to the United Kingdom.

Later on, Mahathir had also arrested Yunus Ali in Ops Lalang in 1987 under ISA.

(and now it is strange that Mahathir came out to protest and sit by the roadside to accuse Najib, who is not the Home Minister, as zalim since the police had detained Maria for 28 days under SOSMA but Mahathir himself, who was the Home Minister then, had put her husband in jail for 1 year).

After Maria Chin's SOSMA detention, Ambiga subsequently revealed that it was Maria Chin and her husband Yunus Ali, who passed away in 2010, who are the ones who founded BERSIH and the real persons behind the yellow movement - something that Ambiga never mentioned before.

And no, contrary to propaganda out there, Maria Chin has not been ill-treated in any way. In fact, she herself has not complained about being arrested nor of being ill-treated by police.

Don't be fooled by false propaganda about her arrest which are designed to get sympathy for her.


If you think the above is far-fetched, perhaps the people in Ukraine will tell you differently. In fact, Russia, the world's other nuclear super-power takes Soros and OSF seriously enough that they actually go their prosecutor-general to issue an official statement to ban George Soros, OSF and all organizations that are linked to him.

For the sake of Malaysia, perhaps we should treat this seriously too? Better safe than really sorry.

But if you're the type who won't believe a super-power nation, the 2nd largest economy country in the world or a blogger like me and believe in Star power, why not hear it from an academy award winner actor and Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight talk about George Soros whom he calls "an evil, evil man".


  1. The Dungu's will never listen. There is no such things as fair and clean election especially when the perpetrators are playing god.

    I never believe in Democracy. Democracy can be bought, or worst, can be forced.

  2. Yeah ... the Arab donation is ok. And Soros donation is KO. All are same .. hunger for power and money cheap-skate..

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    3. Both Jon Voight and Fox News are supporters of Trump

    4. Jon Voight and Fox News are strong supporters of Trump, so they had to attack Soros who is a supporter of Hilary Clinton. So whatever they said may not be true at all. Just pure propaganda!!!

    5. So what? We must increase the number of naked ladies and gay man out there, malaysia can prosper?

  3. American here, Democracies can work. Ever since we proved it after WWII by enforcing it upon Japan and West Germany which turned the Imperialist Japan and the Evil of Germany into the two most powerful, economically successful and peaceful nations in Europe and Asia. Since that time every Ally and our Enemies who ARE afraid of Citizens have Self-Rule have done EVERYTHING they can to destroy us. They were afraid of Russia becoming a Democracy and Soros destroyed their fledgling economy and gave aid (monetary) to former corrupt officials. Our Democratic National Party was founded to fight our Constitution, specifically, Equal Rights to all Men becuase they wanted to have their slavery. They were also working with Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin before WWII with their Progressive movement. After WWII they have been working with Allies and Enemies to destroy us from within and without. I live near D.C. and it is Corrupted and Run by now millions of Democrats in the beurocracy. They use media, corruption, lies, judges, lawyers, politicians and every means they can to obtain power and profit. Now it is world-wide, Soros helped to create the European Union! World Health Organization, World Banking, the completely Corrupt United Nations. We can't win! How do you be good and fight against World Powers and Billionaires such as Soros and Companies like Amazon and Microsoft that also finance the Democratic Party with billions in addition while destroying all of our jobs? They even plant insane people acting as Conservatives or Republicans and then write stories about us? The true conservative America is being destroyed becuase we can't fight the World when they want us to FAIL. It will not matter anyway becuase we won't last much longer. We only have about 375 Million citizens, including our children now and almost 100 Million Adults are either unemployed or do not make enough money to survive. Things you may not know becuase it was reported once and theN BURIED by the media... like, most of our former middle class Males between 45-60 are highly medicated with Anti-Depressants and Anti-Anxiety medications due to Depression and Anxiety. How about the fact that the same group of Males 45-60 has the highest rate of SUICIDE in my country. How do good people do anything when the Soro, the Democratic National Party and many, many others will, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and utterly DESTROY anyone who tries to stop this? America has and is in the same position as many other Countries, WE are being DESTROYED from within and without.

    1. As a Malaysian, I feel for u. But take heart that u guys just voted for someone that might have the gumption (& his own billions) to take on these shadowy sub-humans. Here in Malaysia, we have an entire race being effectively fooled by them and the effects of this lie will probably last a generation or 2, with irreparable damage to our race relations.

  4. Lim Sian See,
    A lot of your analysis and comments are hearsay and taken from other people.
    You have not substantiate your comments with evidence. You are just plagiarizing other people's work and writings. You must be one of the highly paid MO#1 cybertrooper.
    You speak with a fork tongue and full of lies. You ought to be ashame of your self copying somebody's work and editing it to suit your interest. You'll be answerable to the almightly with all your lies and deceit all for the money.

    1. I hope you're not one of those Red Bean Army from DAP sent here to personally attack me. Or worse, paid by Soros or one of the many outfits he funds.

      Your comment has ZERO facts, ZERO rebuttals and ZERO relevance to this article - nothing!

      If I had posted an article on cooking Char Keow Tiau, your comment will still apply.

      All the links are there - INCLUDING the DC Leaks and Wikileaks documents - and you say I did not substantiate my comments with evidence?

      Why don't you actually read my article and come back here to comment where exactly that I got things wrong and how or where exactly have I not substantiated my writings with evidence?

      In the meantime, please don't embarrass yourselves or the PakaTun which you support.

    2. Plagiarizing other pipu? Yeah, well obviously. Cuz LSS is not a blogger smart enuff to create "evidence" out of thin air like Pakatuns. By referencing others findings, LSS was being impartial and unbiased with his/her article.

      What LSS is smart at, is connecting these seemingly isolated dots and bring to light the devious interlinked schemes of Clinton- Soros- CIA- DoJ- FBI- Bersih- PKR- DAP- Anwar- Mahathir

  5. Shocking revealation.

  6. You are a disgrace to our struggle. We are prime to take over this country from the stupid malays and here you are telling lies. Why do you have to suck up to the malays ?

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      We Malay will remove you and all your allies next GE.

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    1. Her father, Jon Voight is a famous academy award winner in his own right. And he supported a candidate that eventually won - so laugh all you want.

      Now, let's see you bring up a video of the late Charlie Chaplin helping you counter what I wrote above.

      Other than silly personal attacks of the "big fat lard arse joke", what actual substance do you have to say what is wrong with my article? Please point them out.

    2. Are you saying that Americans celebrity are dumb?

      I guess some of the Americans celebrity represents UN because they just want fame and not because they are sincere and stupidly donated a lot of money to UN and to various charity foundation. Right?

    3. Are our celebrities all dumb? No. But most are extremely wealthy and they are surrounded by others that are very much like themselves. As a result; Most Think they know more than the common people and they think they know what we need. And yet they are not the common people. They do not live like the common people. They do not think like the common people. They know nothing of what it is to actually be one of the common people. Most of them are Artists of some type and both Artists , just like the Intellectuals, sit around and Think of what they can do for people without knowing anything ABOUT the people becuase they ARE NOT the people. They sit in their own reality and discuss the extremes of examples they heard about while not actually seeing anything with their own eyes or hearing them with their own ears.

  8. Lim, great expose which I shared with my like minded friend who had posted a part of this article published by Malaysian Outlook on a WhatsApp group.

    However, that was before Maria was freed from SOSMA detention. Whilst that does not change the facts that you have presented, what do you see happening next?