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Friday, 19 May 2017

The big TWIST: Parroting Guan Eng, a slap to Mahathir's face.

The "slapping" incident between Mat Over and David Teo has been a hot topic over the past two days.

Both Mat Over and David Teo had said they had lost their temper and acted badly. Both had publicly said that this issue is over for them and asked Malaysians to move on.
Movie producer David Teo and actor-comedian Sulaiman Yassin, who were involved in a scuffle at a National Transformation (TN50) dialogue session, say they are putting the ugly episode behind them and urged Malaysians to do the same. 
Teo, the Metrowealth Pictures chief executive officer, said that he has forgiven Sulaiman, who is better known as Mat Over, with an open heart. 
“I told the Prime Minister that I forgive him (Sulaiman) over the incident, when I shook the Prime Minister’s hands (on that night),” Teo said when contacted yesterday. 
Teo explained that he was talking to the moderator of the programme, actor-producer Datuk Rosyam Nor, before the scuffle happened. 
“It was not my intention to be rude to the Prime Minister. I just told Rosyam some of the participants were not given an equal chance (to talk). I had yet to talk to the Prime Minister so how could I be rude to the Prime Minister?” he asked. 
Sulaiman also expressed the intention to move on from what happened. 
“I was just unhappy because he did not respect the Prime Minister by raising his voice. Anyway, both of us apologised to one another in front of the Prime Minister, and I ask all Malaysians to move on from this chapter. 
“No one was injured during the incident, because he was not hit when I tried to slap him. I also did not kena (not injured) when he tried to kick me,” he said.

While any form of physical violence or attempt at violence should be condemned but the Pakatan politicians continue to make an issue out of a non-issue - twisting it beyond all recognition with their lying interpretation.

The first to start this was unsurprisingly, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng who said:
"What happened in front of the prime minister last night gave the impression that violence can be used on certain Malaysians," he added. 
Asked what he meant by "certain" Malaysians, Lim said this included minorities and opposition leaders or members who come from all races.

I don't know how he does it but Guan Eng is something special.

While most people would have seen it as two creative Malaysians getting emotional and behaving badly,  Guan Eng somehow manages to make this into a racial issue of a Malay bullying a Chinese or oppression on opposition leaders.

Everything he does seems reeked in racism and he sees racism in everything.

It has been said that the true racist is the one who can see racism where no one else can.

Salute and greatest respect to this fellow who can see and say something that no other politician or sane human being can.

Next to follow Guan Eng's line to twist the incident was Tun Mahathir who said:
Dr Mahathir Mohamad has used the incident where a movie producer was slapped in front of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to illustrate how freedom of expression has been curbed. 
The former premier, who was known to have little tolerance for dissenting views during his tenure, alleged that those who ask Najib questions would end up in trouble. 
"This never happened during my time and the prime ministers before me. This only happens during Najib's era ... Those who speak end up in trouble. The newspapers are censored, so is TV3 and other (media). 
"So when given a chance to speak, they try (to air their views), and this is the consequence and result of such attempts to speak the truth. Ask questions also cannot, (you get) beaten,” he added.
So, Mahathir's twist is that this incident is proof that Najib is a dictator who does not allow anyone to ask questions.

Let's look at the video again (please watch properly) :

It is clear from the video that the moderator was looking for a Chinese Artist to give his views. The moderator could not see David Teo putting his hands up which caused David to come forward on his own.

The moderator then clearly gave David 1 minute to give his views in front of Prime Minister Najib but instead of giving his views, he launched an emotional outburst at the moderator yelling that the moderator is not fair and did not call on those seated at the back.

Seeing this yelling in front of the Prime Minister (as opposed to asking a question), Mat Over lost his temper and tried to slap David.

So, clearly Mahathir has twisted this beyond all recognition and lied (something he has done with increasing frequency since joining Pakatan) to say that David was not allowed to ask questions.

I repeated. David Teo was given the opportunity ask questions - which he didn't but used the opportunity to yell at the moderator instead.

Yes. Mahathir lied. Again.

Mahathir then said that no one was ever assaulted for going against him when he was Prime Minister.
Yes, no one was ever assaulted when Mahathir was PM. Anwar? Oh.. he hit himself or fell down.
Even MalaysiaKini was incredulous at his hypocrisy when they reported what Mahathir said that under Najib there is no Freedom of Speech unlike during Mahathir's time and inserted this sarcastic paragraph in their article:
The former premier, who was known to have little tolerance for dissenting views during his tenure, alleged that those who ask Najib questions would end up in trouble. 
If there was no Freedom of Speech under Najib's time then MalaysiaKini would not have existed nor would Mahathir have the chance to slander and lie about Najib every single day up and down the country.

Both the owners and editors of MalaysiaKini and Mahathir himself would be in jail under ISA (which Najib abolished) if Najib followed what Mahathir did when he was Prime Minister.

It is sad to see that Mahathir's personal dendam against Najib for not following his instructions has caused Mahathir to throw away any remaining honesty he had.

Neither is he even slightly afraid of the world seeing his repeated displays of hypocrisy.

It is a slap to Mahathir's face that after all these years, he is now just one side of the very same coin as Lim Guan Eng - the son of the person that Mahathir once called the biggest racist in Malaysia.


  1. He probably slaps himself and then says ini mesti salah Najib. Lolz!

  2. Care to comment about your the protest your red shirt brethren did? Ok so - I don't like your comment LSS. Come here. Let me slap you. Then I want you to apologise to me. See how stupid your bosses are?

    1. Dude, the person who slapped the other is an actor - not an UMNO politician. What the heck are you talking about? So you agree with Guan Eng that this is a racial issue, is it?

    2. Dafaq! U mean people cannot have arguement kah? And all arguements must be salah Najib? Humor me, please.

      U meant to tell me if u get into an arguement with ur wife/ family/ friends/ co-workers/ bosses/ subordinates/ random people/ etc, then it must be caused of Najib?

      What next, ur hemorrhoids is oso salah Najib kah?

    3. Anon4.14- you typify everything that's wrong with this country. You and your fucked up mentality.

  3. Lets say youre in your company townhall meeting where top managemment incl md, hr manager opens the floor for questioning, comments. Would you take the mike and raise your voice "tadi you cakap tak payah serius kan?" while looking at md, hr manager. Do you? (If you do, pity you).
    Another thing, isnt there a proper etiquette in this sort of function? Something like "Hello, Good evening. I'm David teo, md from metrowealth group. We're involved in producing sh***% movies that exploit hottest malay actors and actresses to get the malays to watch it during raya season and make us millions...
    Before proceeding to your questions. And then raise your voice (to give more emphasis) about your concerns, disstisfactions etc. Does david teo thinks he's big shot producer, Pm big fan of his that he dont need to do this?
    Yeah, its true this would never happen during dr m era. David teo raise his voice rudely, he'll go to Kamunting. Lge, lks, bar council try to defend him, all will be send there as well. Then hush everything, nanyang siang pau, star, malaysia nanban write anything about it, revoke permit. Bring it to court? Hahaha, dr m will lol at you.

  4. Everything is Salah Najib to them.