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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Chedet comments on "UCAPAN PRESIDEN UMNO"

After 5 days of silence, Chedet has finally posted his criticism of the UMNO General Assembly speech by Najib.

By and large there was really nothing new in this posting save from recycling the same allegations of RM2.6b and "billions" missing from 1MDB. It is incredible that Tun M went from RM42 billion lesap to RM27 billion to a rather ambiguous billions missing.

Compared to his past posts this particular post was a rather disappointing affair - to the extent of dissecting the English translation of the Malay word "Tolong" and what he believes it means.

Tun M also complained why DPM Zahid is apparently asking Police to question him alone and not questioning the other BERSIH supporters and football fans who also wants Najib to resign as PM.

This is where it gets confusing.

Tun M clearly knows as he has been told numerous times that he is being questioned by police for what he said in his public statement at BERSIH where he alleged that all UMNO division leaders took bribes..

He is not being questioned by PDRM because he wants Najib to resign.

Why doesn't Tun M understand this simple answer?

In fact, when questioned by police on his allegations that UMNO division leaders too bribe, Tun M refused to answer the police's questions !!!

And later when asked why he doesn't make make a police report when he says billions are missing from 1MDB and went to Najib, Tun M said he had no proof!!

What an amazing person this Tun Mahathir is! Keep saying he is being silenced but when given the chance to prove his allegations and speak out to the correct authorities, he keep quiet pulak!

However, in this blog post, he also confirmed that UMNO presidents have received donations in the past but he claims that these donations have been put into the Tabung UMNO.

But it would be interesting to see if the RealMild (which owned MRCB, NST and TV3) shares worth billions held via proxy in his own personal name and the shares of UEM-Renong then were indeed put into the Tabung UMNO and whether Tun M had disclosed these assets in UMNO's books or announced to his UMNO supreme council then how much these billions of shares were actually worth.

I am sure there are provisions withing ROS and UMNO constitution that allowed such actions under the law or Mahathir could already have gone to jail then.

In any case, 1MDB's rationalization exercise have proceeded with pace and even Bloomberg and the financial markets deem the "1MDB mess have been fixed". 

Malaysia's Credit default risk swaps and bond rates have also normalized as the Financial Markets finally comes to their senses that 1MDB is just a political distraction and are convinced that it is being solved.

In addition, the bi-partisan Parliament PAC inquiry into 1MDB have resumed with speed. Arul Kanda, Sharol Halmi, Jho Low, Suboh, Nik Faizal, a dozen other persons - and even Najib has been questioned by the authorities. 

BNM have investigated and found no evidence of money laundering except that BNM did not receive the full information in the forms filled in by 1MDB during certain transfers 6 years ago. 

The Auditor-General have pretty much finished their special audit on 1MDB and should be giving the final report to the PAC soon.

MACC have also investigated and have committed to deliver their report in about two weeks time before the end of the year.

Therefore, if there were any laws that were broken and billions missing from 1MDB, I am sure these will be disclosed soon.

The UMNO Supreme Council and the recent UMNO Assembly have also shown great support for Najib while a recent "vote of no confidence" by proxy via voting down the 2016 budget in Malaysia's parliament have fallen flat in the face for Pakatan where only 20 MPs out of 87 bothered to attend the final vote - causing great embarrassment for Pakatan.

Even Pakatan gave up fighting to remove Najib via a parliament vote
But to Tun Mahathir's credit, he still soldiers on.

All because he wants a compliant PM who will listen to a Council of Elders - perhaps chaired by him.

Of all the countries in the world, only Iran has a Council of Elders to advise their president - and I am not sure I want Malaysia to be governed like Iran since Iran's system also have a Grand Ayatollah.

Which comes to my next question: 

Who would be the best candidate to be the Ayatollah for Malaysia should we ever follow Iran's system?


  1. strange that you have not publish no reply my question about which clause stated 50% hike up in penchala tol yesterday. Also, question when did the work for Penchala started.

    Anyway, am happy to learn that prepaid blogger is not a learned blogger :)

  2. Penchala link opens to traffic 2004:

    All three are under the same concession agreement - collectively called the Sistem Penyuraian Trafik KL Barat (SPRINT). All started work in 1999.

    As for which clause of the concession agreement, do you think this is a fair question to ask?

    Why not you go to the JKR office and request to see the concession agreement since it has been declassified and available for public viewing at the JKR offices.

  3. LSS has done most of the job. Pity him guys. Go and find out which clause and let us know.

  4. Five days of silence now that's hard for Dr M.
    I guess he was looking for the evidence from SR 3m email etc.

    That is where Dr M reside as grand Ayatollah supreme leader of the eldest.