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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman was right. JMD is very wrong.

Jebat Must Die (JMD) wrote this when he tried in vain to slam Foreign Minister Anifah Aman:

"And there is no truth that Najib had democratised the UMNO party elections. 

In fact, the new voting system had made it easier for him to hold on to power. Instead of controlling nearly 3,000 voting delegates, he now just have to control only about 190 division leaders. 

These division leaders  in turn, control the branch leaders in their division. While the branch leaders then instruct their members on who to vote. 

As the result, there were no changes in party leadership since 2009 and this is a fact. The 2013 party elections saw the same people being voted into power; from the presidency, deputy presidency, vice presidents, women and youth wings."
What JMD is trying to say is that abolishing the quota system of minimum nominations and increasing the number of party members eligible to vote for their leaders from 3,000 delegates to 146,000 delegates has made UMNO less democratic !

JMD thinks we are absolute fools with that illogical reasoning.

Let me demonstrate why you are wrong, point-by-point Tun M style.
1. The previous extra-special and cowardly bonus points and quota systems already gave inordinate power to the 190 division leaders who could decide on who can qualify to get nominated, much less contest, in the UMNO party elections. 
2. Why did you think those bonus votes and quota systems was introduced in the after the 1987 Team A vs Team B UMNO fight?  Here is more on what this is all about:
That's right, to make it much harder and almost impossible for someone to challenge the UMNO leadership.  
If you don't believe me, you can always ask Ku Li. 
And this unfair quota system for party elections is what Najib abolished in 2009. All you need now is just one nomination from a division to qualify to contest instead of getting 10% or 20% or 30% of all branches. 
3. Najib reformed the party elections and opened up voting to 146,000 Umno delegates instead of 3,000 delegates or 190 division leader. JMD is insulting the intelligence of UMNO members when he said 190 division leaders will tell their branch leaders who to vote for, and will in turn instruct 146,000 other people who to vote for.  
Not only is money politics no longer super-effective, it is strange to even suggest that 146,000 people are mindless yes-men or yes-women that will just listen to instructions on who to vote for. 
4) And it is true that there was no change in party leadership during the 2013 UMNO elections...... but there nearly was!  
Hishammudin Hussein just barely scrapped through beating out Mukhriz Mahathir for the final VP spot with a razor-thin margin of about 10 division electorate votes. 
Under the past quota system and if all you needed to do was to control just 190 division leaders who can instruct 146,000 people who to vote for, Mukhriz would not even get the chance to compete - much less come so very close. And the presidency was not contested in 2013 because Tengku Razaleigh decided himself not to contest - not because like in 2008 where he wanted to contest for presidency but did not receive nominations to qualify under the previously unfair quota system.
JMD is a pentaksub par excellence.

He has clearly mastered the art of lying to himself when he simply cannot see that the UMNO party elections have been clearly democratized, reformed and improved from what it was prior to 2009.

This case of the UMNO party election is as clear as day and yet JMD cannot see.

 Foreign Minister Anifah Aman was right. JMD is very wrong.

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