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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Hard Turn Left begins

The Auditor-General is close to releasing their interim report on 1MDB and BNM is also concluding their own investigations. The bi-partisan PAC have also met both sets of auditors for 1MDB and have yet to come out with any smoking guns since the auditors both stand firmly behind their judgement clearing 1MDB of any songlap.

1MDB have also come out strongly and answered all the allegations so far on where the money is and it is well on its way to restructuring and normalizing their cash-flow - without borrowing further and without any cash injection from the Govt.

And after being comprehensively answered by multiple parties, all that Tun M can now ask for is to see the documents and proof of 1MDB's replies - something that Tun M can easily have access too since 1MDB said all that is already with the relevant authorities.

Thus the attacks on 1MDB starts to unravel.

Time to start giving excuses for their previous accusations.

Therefore, yesterday A Kadir Jassin has started discrediting the AG, the Police, BNM (including the internationally-acclaimed BNM Governor Zeti) and even the PAC!

A Kadir, whom I strongly believe is not well-versed in financial matters, have now started to accuse 1MDB of "Cooking Up The Book"
He now says "The process of dressing up 1MDB’s book via creative accounting is in full swing. We hear such jargons as enterprise value, prudence and propriety being used to trap the uninitiated. The whole idea is to give the impression that everything is OK and above board." 
But in the case of 1MDB, whose records are now being scrutinised by at least four agencies ― the Auditor-General's Department, the police, Parliament's Public Accounts Committee and Bank Negara Malaysia ― Kadir repeated that it was not likely that the probe would unearth much. 
"That is to be expected," he remarked. 
"Be it the police, the MACC or the Auditor General, their boss is the PM. We cannot expect them to go against their boss," he said
At first make all these allegations of RM42b hilang and songlap etc, and when fully investigated by all the relevant authorities and multiple parties - including internationally-famous external auditors and the bi-partisan PAC, u start ot give lame excuse and say "Of course lah... all cover up!".

Just because A.Kadir does not understand terms such as "Enterprise Value", which is understood by anyone with even basic interest in financial matters does not mean it is cover-up.

It just means you are not competent in such matters and should really not comment on the audit process.

All is covered up, so simple is it? 

As if all those qualified parties are wrong and only you and Tun M can only be right?

So easy to accuse and so easy to give excuse that it is a cover-up when your accusations are not proven correct.

My apologies but you sound like you're just giving lame excuses in the form of "Ini semua tipu! Mereka semua tipu!".

Mature and respectable ex-senior journalists don't give excuses like this.

Najib not resigning

In order to encourage and increase the momentum for a rebellion, for months Tun Mahathir supporters have been telling any UMNO member that would listen that they have hard evidence of Najib's crimes and Najib will step down as Finance Minister in May and Prime Minister in June in order to save himself.

Trying to propagate a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good strategy.

However, Najib threw a spanner in their devious plans.  So bad of you, Najib!

Not only did Najib get unanimous support from the UMNO division leaders and Supreme Council, Najib also did not step down as Finance Minister in May.

And today is now 23rd June, and there are no signs that Najib is stepping down as Prime Minister. On the contrary, PM Najib believing the did no wrong and intent on completing his transformation agenda, has even fought back strongly.

And all that Tun Mahathir can say now to save some face is:
“Advice, I have given. Even threats I have issued. But (Najib) says he won’t quit,” Dr Mahathir said. “I think he is afraid. If he quits, he might face criminal charges.”
Eh... if you have proof of his "crimes" then show it now. Why still waiting? End of June already woh.

Damnit! 1MDB attacks fail. Najib step down rumors failed!


Therefore, it is now time to attack Najib on other things since the 1MDB accusations and instigating a rebellion has failed and is now boomeranging back and hitting them back in the fact.

Apparently, the new song they are saying  is that  Najib will destroy the Malays!!

Nothing like playing the well-tested racial games now and some good old-fashioned scare-mongering.

And the Malays will suffer like the Malays in Singapore when Najib causes BN to lose GE14 or so that's what Tun Mahathir is warning us about.

Not sure who BN is going to lose GE14 to since Pakatan Rakyat is either dead or alive in spirit or broken or pengsan only.

Tun Mahathir and A Kadir has started on a new story to scare the Malays with their recent rhetoric that Malays will suffer like in Singapore if Najib continues to lead UMNO and BN and hence cause BN to lose in GE14.

No mention however how the Malays in Singapore are suffering though as the majority of the Malays there seems contented and have decent income and living standards.

And they come out with scary statements such as this.
Beliau yakin mata dan telinga orang Melayu-Bumiputera serta orang miskin luar bandar boleh ditutup dengan BR1M agar tidak menghiraukan isu-isu genting seperti 1MDB, Felda/FGV dan PFI serta ekonomi yang menurun, harga barang dan perkhidmatan yang semakin mahal akibat pelaksanaan GST dan banyak lagi isu yang menekan. 
And to give proof that Malaysia is dying and the "Melayu-Bumiputera serta orang miskin luar bandar" will suffer great hurt by BR1M throwing lots money at them (how I wish people will throw lots of money at me too. Hurt me, baby!), A Kadir Jassin gives this hard evidence that Malaysia is in danger of economic collapse.
[Anggaran terbaru Bank Dunia mengatakan ekonomi Malaysia akan berkembang 4.5 peratus saja tahun ini berbanding enam peratus tahun lalu.]
Eh... Mr Kadir... 6% GDP growth last year was one of the best in the world.

Even 4.6% is very decent growth for Malaysia and among the HIGHEST projected growth in the world amidst a global economic uncertainty.

And even as recent as in Q1, Malaysia achieved 5.6% GDP growth.

Does Mr Kadir know what he is talking about? Are you trying to scare us by saying Malaysia is only going to record among the highest projected GDP growth in the world?

Coz that just won't work.

Oh well, good luck on your new attack angle, Tun M and A Kadir Jassin.

Past lies aside, I admire persistence in both of you.

It's Ramadan now and I hope both of you lay off the bigger blatant lies this month though.

The 6-years itch

Does the entire Malaysia have to go through all this "Turunkan PM" drama and false allegations every 6 years just because someone was apparently not treated in the way he expected to be and felt slighted?
 Mahathir craved, but never got, ‘elder statesman’ status 
Asked how he coped with retirement, Mahathir said, “It was very unsettling because you move away from a position of power to being just an ordinary person. “It was a little bit depressing.”
“I didn’t expect such bad treatment by the new prime minister, who basically I elevated to that position,” Mahathir told his interviewer. 
“I thought at least (do) not (be) vicious to me. And he was.” 
“Within two weeks he changed everything. Rejected all the things I had started, which he promised to deliver.”

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